Sunday, May 29, 2016

Travel to Indonesia

Enjoy Kopi Luwak (Mongoose Coffee) at Region Agro Tourism Mengwi Badung Bali: Travel to Indonesia

Coffe Luwak/mongoose

If you travel to Indonesia, especially for you coffee lovers and connoisseurs of taste, must have been familiar with "kopi luwak" (civet coffee or Mongoose Coffee). Enjoy coffee with rustic natural feel definitely different from the urban areas. The charm of agro-tourism offered in Mengwi Badung, civet coffee sensation and natural shades combined into an exciting nature.

The layout precisely in the area of ​​agro-tourism lodge is located in the eastern Pakuaji Taman Ayun Mengwi Bali, so entering these attractions visitors will be greeted plantation unspoiled scenery. Not only that, visitors can see up close the various types of crops ranging from chocolate, cinnamon, to coffee plants, but it also visitors of travel to Indonesia can get to know various kinds of spices - spices typical of Indonesia.

Most tourists that travel to Indonesia are visiting this place to look for civet coffee, coffee beans were taken from the remaining dirt civet, palm civet. Coffee beans are believed to have a different flavor after being eaten and passed through the digestive tract mongoose.

When travel to Indonesia at Region Agro Tourism Mengwi Badung Bali, we can see the process of making "luwak" coffee and can also enjoy the fragrant aroma of coffee beans at the moment if the traditional process to become a delicious drink refreshment of the body. In addition, for some visitors, village atmosphere plus enjoy a taste of the coffee drinks are very rare they could find in the country, particularly the civet coffee.

Cottage Businessman, Ketut Pakuaji Pramana explain things they offer in addition to the introduction of a wide range of spices from the island of Bali, also wants to introduce coffee sensation in the countryside of travel to Indonesia. Besides enjoyed in the middle of a beautiful garden, tourists can also take home a civet coffee as a souvenir by paying 300 thousand for a pack containing one hundred grams of kopi luwak (.civet coffee or Mongoose Coffee). Please you read the other articles like Trip to Bali at this site.

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