Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Samas Beach

Samas Beach, Bantul Yogyakarta is the Best Alternative in Tour Indonesia

Samas Beach
Samas Beach Bantul Yogyakarta is one area that has many attractions beautiful beaches and not miss when you visit there. One of the beaches should be included in the agenda you are Samas Beach, which has a beautiful sand, complete with a lighthouse that you can climb.

Tourism Regions Samas beach is located west of Parangtritis, or precisely located in the village of Srigading, Sanden, about 14 kilometers south of Bantul. From Yogyakarta, you can head to the southwest approximately 35 km from the center of Yogyakarta.

Samas beach is quite easy to reach by car, both private and public. This is because the road infrastructure has been built. The journey was quite fun because it passes through the stretch of verdant rice fields and coconut trees on the roadside.

Samas Beach Bantul Yogyakarta
Samas Beach, Bantul is famous for its beautiful beaches accompanied by strong winds, large waves of the sea, river deltas and freshwater lakes that formed the lake is used for the development of fish and prawns. But keep in mind, notching a rather steep shoreline advise visitors not shower at Samas beach for quite a hazard if it is not too familiar with the terrain.

Samas beach has natural beauty of the white sand. At Samas beach, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea by climbing the lighthouse Patehan. Lighthouse Patehan of this, you can enjoy the view of the vast sea around the coast stretches Samas. This experience really makes you satisfied after returning from the beach Samas you this.

In addition, to support the Samas beach as beach tourism areas, where it also has developed a terminal, parking, toilets, lodging, SAR, power network, rooms, and restaurants. With all these facilities will surely make it easier for visitors to access Samas beach wherever they came from.

Also at Samas beach, you can also watch the fish and shrimp maintenance effort undertaken by the Department of Fisheries Sub Yogyakarta province. Some ceremonies are also conducted in Samas Beach is like a carnival ceremony Tumuruning Maheso Suro, Labuhan Sea Alms, and Performing Arts held during the holidays or during Eid.

Thus one potential Attractions Attractions Nature Indonesia in the form of Samas Beach, Bantul Yogyakarta on this occasion. Compare also the beauty Attractions Attractions Beaches previous Pandansimo Beach located in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Read also Kuta Beach in this blog.

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