Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cipatujah Beach

Cipatujah Beach is The Famous Beach in Tasikmalaya West Java Indonesia

Cipatujah Beach
Do you know if Tasikmalaya travel beauty store a very wide beaches and famous for its big waves. "Cipatujah Beach" was the name of the beach, the expanse of sloping beaches with white sand and some sandy iron is very suitable to serve as a playground on the beach, Also on the Cipatujah beach visitors are allowed to fish, fishing activity is usually done in estuaries Cipatujah beach.

Additionally in Cipatujah beach held entertainment Like Buffalo Races are held when a party of fishermen, the event successfully attracted foreign tourists to come to this place.

Was destroyed after the tsunami in 2006. However, now the beach is back nicely. Cipatujah beach connects Pangandaran beach in Pangandaran Regency & Beach Palabuhan Queen in Sukabumi.

fisherman in Cipatujah beach
The tourist area is spacious and is supported by a beautiful natural scenery such as coral reefs, palm plantations and rivers large enough to make the surrounding natural panorama looks stunning, this beach is a promising tourism potential in Tasikmalaya, Cipatujah Beach area about 115 hectares.

The beauty of Cipatujah beach looks from a mix overlay sloping beaches, sea waves were great and very lush coconut plantations and expanse of grass and weeds are widespread. So therefore, the beach which has an area of ​​approximately 115 hectares is often used for activities herding goats and other farm animals by local people.

Interestingly, it turns out that not only the citizens of herding livestock alone, but occasionally hold racing buffalo fights are accompanied with the beat of Sundanese arts, Rampak Kendang plus Angklung so no wonder invite lots of people to watch it. Plenty of the usual beach activities carried out by the tourists when visiting this area such as beach volleyball, sunbathing, fishing in the estuary of the river Cipatujah etc.

Existing facilities at the beach Cipatujah include: Newsstand Travel, lodging, Pondok Wisata, stalls of food and drinks, place of Botram, Stage Entertainment, Balawisata, Gazebo and spacious parking place.

Go to Cipatujah beach feels incomplete if you do not bring along a beloved family because there are many immigrants who seemed to make the tour to Cipatujah beach besides enjoying the feel of the beach with the pounding waves are big also just a meal together at the seaside.

Cipatujah beach in the village of Cipatujah, District Cipatujah Tasikmalaya West Java, about 74 km from the center of Tasikmalaya.


Cipatujah transportation to the beach can be reached by public transport or private.
Directions from Bandung to Cipatujah beach is to use the following route:
Bandung - Ciawi - Rajapolah - Tasikmalaya - Cipatujah Beach. The challenge is access to the beach is quite challenging for the tourists because they have to pass of winding road, up and down, Interesting is not it? Lets trips to the Cipatujah beach. You can read also Krakal Beach in this blog.

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