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Pangandaran Beach

The Most Interesting Places in Pangandaran-West Java

Pangandaran Beach
Tourist attractions in Pangandaran is one of the coastal tourist area in West Java are well known. Pangandaran Beach has always been a gathering place for many domestic and foreign tourists at the time of the holidays or special moments, such as the turn of the New Year and Eid.

Tourist attraction located in Pangandaran Ciamis district are diverse shore excursions and beach tourism activities fun. In addition to relatively low cost travel, Pangandaran Beach is very easily accessible by a number of existing transport. In Pangandaran Beach, many residents spend vacation time with his family, relatives, friends, to their respective spouses.

Tourist attractions Pangandaran also became one of the sights that favored children, not infrequently so many families who choose to travel agenda Pangandaran beach when the school holidays and other holidays. West Java as one of the most populous province in Indonesia is also a major contributor to the number of tourists who come to this beach.

In addition, the attraction Pangandaran Beach is also a favorite destination for many overseas travelers. It is customary on the eve of the turn of the year, Pangandaran Beach is always crowded with the presence of many tourists.

5 Places in Pangandaran
Any tourist in Pangandaran interesting place to visit? Here are a number of attractions in Pangandaran which you can choose. Some of the attractions Pangandaran has been popular among world travelers.

1. Pangandaran
Of course Pangandaran Beach is a famous tourist attraction near  Ciamis. Pangandaran Beach is a tourist destination that has to be excellent for the people of West Java. One of the most popular tourist spot in West Java has a variety of fun beach tourism activities, such as swimming, boat cruises, fishing, touring by bicycle, parasailing, jet skiing, and so on.

Pangandaran beach has water clear and clean. In addition, this beach also has a relatively long time span between the conditions of tide and low tide conditions. Therefore, swimming becomes a safe tourist activity options at this beach. Therefore, it becomes Pangandaran Beach be a favorite swimming spot for many families and children.

At each mid-June or July, at Pangandaran Beach international always regularly held event, the International Kite Festival (Pangandaran International Kite Festival). As one foreign tourist destinations, Pangandaran beach has had the support of infrastructure and public facilities are complete.

The parking of vehicles on the beach is quite broad. There are also hotels and inns in Pangandaran at varying prices, from low to high. Also, no cinemas, discotheques, camping, parasailing, jetski, post and telecommunications services and money changer, and others.

2. Citumang River
One of the natural attractions Pangandaran offers beautiful natural scenery. Attractions Citumang Pangandaran is a river that divides the teak forest with clean river water and bluish.
In some spots, the river Citumang can be used for swimming and playing. Nevertheless, the privilege of tourist attractions this is the charm of watersheds and natural scenery around him.

3. Green Canyon or Cukang Taneuh
Green Canyon is located not far from Batu Karas. Green Canyon tourist attraction in Pangandaran are Cijulang river flows that pass through the cave, full of beauty and charm stalaktit -stalaknit.
The area is also surrounded by two hills, and there are lots of rocks and trees. Green Canyon Pangandaran like paintings can be likened to the unique natural and inviting desire to explore it. You can do diving in this place or swim while following the flow of the water current. Even so, there are plenty of boats ready to take you to explore the Green Canyon Indonesia.

You will be accompanied by guides from each boat you rented it. Ticket prices in Green Canyon boat is Rp 125 thousand, with a maximum capacity of 6 people. Travel Green Canyon is open to the public every day from 8 am to 5 pm.

4. Pangandaran Waterpark
Pangandaran Waterpark this is a relatively new attraction in Pangandaran. Location Pangandaran Waterpark is located about 5 km before the entrance to Pangandaran. Waterpark is built with a large pool and a special court for ATV track, located on an area of ​​over 10 hectares.

In this place, you can play like a slide, water boom, adventure like high rope, and ATV track. The price of admission to Pangandaran Waterpark is set at 15 thousand per person on weekdays and Rp 20 thousand per person on weekends / holidays.

5. Batu Karas Beach
Batu Karas beach is a beach that offers a quiet natural setting and ocean waves are friends. You can enjoy the quiet atmosphere on the beach with the breeze while enjoying the dishes that are sold around Batu Karas. Some activities that can be done, for example, swimming, boating on the river, camping, and even surfing.

Batu Karas beach is one of the preferred tourist spot Pangandaran foreign tourists. Has provided fews cottage equipped with a playground and a place of worship in this area of ​​Batu Karas. One of the attractions in Pangandaran is also a selection of family attractions, visitors often come along with their children and other family members. Batu Karas beach has a clean sea water and bluish, really a place to relax are recommended travel. Read also Tips Tour Indonesia.

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