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Parang Tritis Beach

Parang Tritis is The Choice Beach in Yogyakarta

Parang Tritis Beach: SEA pARTY
Tourism Parangtritis beach is located in the south of the city of Yogyakarta precisely in the District Kretek, Bantul - Yogyakarta, travel has a distance of about 27 km from the center of Yogyakarta, to get in this place is easy, for transportation to the beach is already widely and generally will operates until 17:00 pm. The best time to visit this place is during the afternoon when the sunset, sunset views are interesting enough and panoramic shoreline is very charming tourist locations make this a shame not to enjoy.

Parang Tritis Beach: Tour Indonesia
In addition, if you visit this place arrive sooner, then you will have a chance to see the view of the beach from the cliff that is located behind this parang Tritis beach. The name of the cliff it is Tebing Gembirawati. Here you will also find a community around the ruins of the temple gave the name Temple Gembirawati. The layout of the temple is located on the east cliff Gembirawati and distance from the beach only a few meters.

According to the belief of the Java community, attractions Parangtritis has a very close relationship with the magical kingdom Queen of the South Coast or ordinary people call Ratu Kidul, and the ruler of the southern sea. until - until there is a resort that is inspired by the legend that gave him the name of the Hotel Queen of the South.

Parangtritis Beach is also called as the gate of the kingdom of the southern sea, therefore the public about trust when someone came there wearing green, then that person will get a disaster.

Parangtritis name itself has a story of its own, where the story originated in the era of the Majapahit kingdom. It is said that in those days there was a prince who fled the kingdom and came to this place intend to meditate. The prince's name was Prince Dipokusumo. after she doing meditation he noticed a trickle of water coming from blemish - blemish reef. and since the incident he named the region into Parangtritis.

Itineraries to Parangtritis
For those of you who come from outside the city of Yogyakarta, to be able to visit this place you can choose the path of both air and ground transportation. If you choose the path of air transport, you can be the first transit at Adisucipto International Airport - Yogyakarta, from here the way you will proceed to the Bus Station and then headed to Parangtritis.

If you are using ground transportation, you can transit Giwangan - Yogyakarta and then ride public transportation to Parangtritis, and an alternative if you use Rail transport, you can transit at Tugu Station or stasuin Lempuyangan then continued the trip to Giwangan, from here you can go straight to Parangtritis using public transport.

For those of you who use a personal vehicle, you can follow the route via Jl. Parangtritis, because this route is the fastest route to go through, especially for those who recently visited Yogyakarta. But if you want a different atmosphere, you can take the route melawati Jl. Imogiri then Siluk village that is located in the southeast of the city of Yogyakarta.

Featured Event That Can Be Done On Parangtritis

Enjoy the beauty of the beach is very mengasikan, especially if you enjoy the atmosphere of the beach from the cliff. Parang is also provided facilities such as ATV, Delman and Carriage Ride which you can rent to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach in Parangtritis. Down the beauty of the beach using became a sensation for those of you who came here especially if you are trying to drive an ATV.

Passing mounds - mounds of sand are numerous in this tourist location using ATV vehicles will make their own entertainment for your hobby drive, a sensation like this possibility so rarely you get, if you do not miss a visit Parangtritis granted.

In addition to the above facilities that you can enjoy in Parangtritis, you also bise try to enjoy the beach atmosphere by using Airomodeling which also can rent there, it devoted for those who have the courage of course. By using this facility are guaranteed satisfaction you traveled to Parangtritis will be increasingly felt.

Beautiful sunset you can also enjoy at tourist sites, the much anticipated - later by tourists who come to Parangtritis. For those of you who have not been enjoying the beauty of the beach in the afternoon, you can continue into the evening while enjoying grilled corn are being sold at night.

For those of you who want to enjoy a bath in the hot spring, near the site also contained pemandaian Parangtritis named Parangwedang, supposedly water from these baths can be useful for curing various skin diseases, due to the sulfur content. how cool is not it?

Snacks Available in Parangtritis

Enjoy the atmosphere in the beach were treated to snacks trademark has become a moment that is very pleasant, adding to relax when you are on holiday, here you can also see merchants - pedagany serving snacks such as corn and drinks coconut ice, which all fit once enjoyed on the beach, in addition to it is for those who want to bring - by from Parangtritis, you will also find shops selling a variety of crafts typical of Yogyakarta.

Traveling Tips To Parang Tritis

For tips visit this beach Twisata try to summarize it for you, so that you travel to these destinations become more enjoyable.

1. Do together to center
The amount of waves in Parangtritis risk will drag you to the middle, so do not swim far of  shore, so your safety is maintained, for those with small children, accompanied by her activities.

2. Been Up Evening
Parangtritis beach enjoying the atmosphere is perfect when we visited him until the afternoon, so you can be more satisfied traveled here, because you can see the charm of the sunset on the beach The very charming.

3. Bring Hat And Glasses
This equipment is useful if you come during the day, the beach hot air will be resolved with the hat you carry, in addition to the sparkle of sunlight also can be overcome if you wear glasses.

4. No Need to Worry benighted
This location also has provided lodging - lodging that you can rent for trips to the beach Parangtritis, of course, also very affordable price for you. so you do not need to worry when visiting this place until late at night.

5. Come On New Year's Eve Java
These tourist sites are very crowded during the time New Year's Eve night Java or 1 Suro / Muharam, so if you intend to watch the crowds in Parangtritis then came at that time.

That review on the beach The beauty is in the region of Yogyakarta, hopefully the above review can be helpful for those who will visit the place - tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. Read keraton yogyakarta in this blog.

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