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Krakal Beach

Natural Beauty of Krakal Beach in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

Krakal Beach
Natural Beauty Krakal Beach in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta. Krakal Beach is one of the many beach tourism objects in Yogyakarta Gunung Kidul natural beauty hidden. Still like trips to the beach? many choices Beachs attractions along the coast of Gunung Kidul you can make the choice on holiday time.

Krakal Beach included in one of a row of beautiful beaches in the southern ocean Kab. Gunung Kidul which has some exciting surf spots hidden. Krakal Beach has long been renowned as one of the coastal areas in the south end of Yogyakarta and had a beauty so extraordinary.

Krakal Beach sloping lines and studded with white sand and have breaks that clear. Rock also participated adorn most of the shoreline, is home to many reef fish colorful.

On the Krakal Beach there are fish damselfish yellow with blue accent on the back, butterfly fish or butterfly with striped dark blue and light blue, and there are a bunch of small fish which are bright blue swimming among the rocks. The legs of black starfish sticking out from behind a rock into their hiding place.

For those of you who are bored playing on the beach, try to walk and wade offshore. There are a series of rock poking out of the water and lined up lengthwise looked as if they were forming a footpath in the sea.

If you want to take a walk do not forget to use footwear because the stones sometimes very sharp here. Some of the fishermen who were passing by, they were looking for a strategic place to cast a fishing rod. The others were engrossed in a shallow sea dive to seek "Umbal", a kind of small marine animals that lives attached to the rocks. "Umbal" will then be processed into peanut brittle savory by local residents.

Besides having the natural beauty of the exotic and beautiful, Krakal Beach also hides waves suitable for surfing you want to play. For those who want to surf the Krakal Beach have to walk to first go to a row of rocks located offshore and then meet with type reef break waves and quite challenging. Seabed dominated reef so for those who want to surf to be extra careful. Dry season around March and September are the best time to wait barrel in Krakal Beach .

Although the location is about 2 hours travel time by car if from Yogyakarta, the access road to get to Krakal Beach is pretty good and fairly flat. There is also a row of food stalls as well as several hotels around the beach can be found quite easily, so it will be much more easy for you to stay while waiting for the best waves for surfing. However, surfing is not a sport that is quite popular in among the locals. You must bring your own surfboard belonging because here there is not yet a surfboard rental.

Detail of Surf Spot:

Waves with quality Rating: 5
Wave Type: Sometimes paused
Directions Wave: Right and Left
Bottom: Rock
Difficulty: Intermediate
Level Crowd: Empty
Some Harmful: Rock, Sea Urchin, Jellyfish

General description:

Line of Krakal Beach dominated with sharp rocks, so ordinary broadcast and entertainment to achieve its surf spots. The waves are pretty good, especially during the dry season (between March and September) which will enable the creation of the barrel. Beach vacations are always fun to me personally like the atmosphere of the beach, mountains, forests, waterfalls and objects of the other natural attractions. You can read the other articles like Nglambor beach in this web.

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