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Galunggung Mountain

Exotism of Galunggung Mountain Tasikmalaya West Java Tour Indonesia

Galunggung Mountain
Located in the area of ​​Tasikmalaya, West Java, Galunggung Mountain attraction is a natural tourist spot that serves a wide variety of natural beauty ranging from the panorama of mountains, craters, large trees and green freshness of the air and amazing sunset views.

Historically, Galunggung Mountain first erupted around 1822 which has claimed the lives of more than 4 thousand people and then in 1894 the volcano erupted with casualties between 500 to 1000 people. Until the last one occurring in 1982 Galunggung Mountain emit lava and ash that reaches approximately 20 kilometers into the air, causing gray fog as thick as 3 centimeter the area within 15 kilometers from the center of explosion.

Cipanas (Natural Hot Water) Galunggung Mountain
Although the attraction Galunggung Mountain is very dangerous and still active to this day, however many local and foreign tourists who come to see its beauty. With public transport or private ride from the town of Tasikmalaya, you can get to the main tourist attractions around 2 to 3 hours of travel. This attraction is also close to tourist hot water contained in Cipanas (natural hot water), so you will have no trouble to find it.

To enjoy the beauty of the crater of Galunggung Mountain, you have to climb about 620 stairs
620 stairs to Galunggung Mountain Top
which is very tiring. You also can take a break and take pictures - photos for enjoying the surrounding scenery is very beautiful. Arriving in the area caldera crater of Galunggung Mountain , not some far you will see several waterfalls that adorn the slopes - the slopes below. It is an amazing sight, and fatigue will be gone shortly.

Various Activities Tourism in Galunggung Mountain

Some of the activities you can do in attraction Galunggung Mountain like fishing in lakes or crater, walk - way to enjoy the beauty of nature, seeing the sunrise and sunset from the top of the mountain, and enjoy the culinary community around, but you can not do activities such as swimming in the crater , because it is very dangerous and contains elements - the legendary mystical element.

If you are planning for a vacation to enjoy the natural beauty and freshness, attractions Galunggung Mountain can be one of the alternative complement your holiday with family or friends - friends with more fun to do. The cost for the trip to this place was quite cheap and affordable for any among local and foreign tourists. Read Cipatujah Beach in this blog.

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