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Nglambor Beach

Nglambor Beach is Snorkeling place in Jogja

Nglambor Beach
Nglambor beach located in Purwodadi, District Tepus, Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta is the most famous Snorkeling place when compared to other places. Is approximately 70 km from Yogyakarta city center, this beach offers a panoramic view of the beautiful beach. There are two large rocks that resemble a turtle right in front of the bay.

Clear seawater Nglambor beach makes visitors can freely view the coral, sea grass, chasing fish with various colors, and various other sea biota of surface water. The visitors can snorkel and swim at the beach without having to worry about huge waves rolled because the location is in the bay beaches. Naturally, if not only local tourists who come, but abroad as tourists from Holland, France and Singapore.

 Road to Nglambor Beach

Nglambor Beach Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta
If departing from Jogja, you must first pass the ring road (Ring Road) east to meet with the intersection Wonosari. Then turn eastward to follow the road until the square Wonosari Wonosari located on the left of the road. Start walking slowly because you have to turn right onto the street Baron at the junction before the Police station Gunung Kidul (the road to the terminal Wonosari). Follow the road until you find bank office BRI left of the road. The next few hundred meters there will be a T-junction, turn east (left) and follow on, until here you ask residents living around the location where Nglambor beach or districts Tepus Purwodadi village.

 Hours and Admission Prices

Nglambor beach open 24 hours, but that is clearly not rekomended the nights come to it because there was no lodging. The admission price is Rp. 5.000, - per person includes the cost of parking motor vehicles will be towed at the post retibrusi Siung beach entrance.

 Activities to do in Nglambor Beach are:

Playing white sand
You can rent a tool for snorkeling worth IDR 50.000, - per disk set includes a mask, snorkel and rubber boots plus three frames photos underwater while snorkeling for you to show off to your friends on social networks.

Hotel / Lodging
If you are coming from out of town and had just arrived in Wonosari afternoon or evening, you should stay at the hotel located in downtown Wonosari because there do not like the beach Indrayanti that has been managed well by the private sector, so that you will not find lodging in there. The morning after dawn then began to leave for the beach Nglambor. So you should find hotels in Wonosari because in addition to cost, we can more freely look for dinner with a more affordable price. You can book hotel online at Agoda (credit card) or PegiPegi (by transfer) by entering the keyword: "Wonosari".

Worship place
Places of worship like prayer room amenities you will not find there because the beach is still very natural and there are only houses that live in the shoreline. So if you want to run the prayer, you should stop by at the mosque that you can find along the way there.

Likewise with toilet or a public toilet, you could just stay at home residents the only ones staying at the beach with a donation seikhlasnya to home owners.

Parking lot
The parking lot at the beach is reserved for motorcycles because driveway access to the beach Nglambor the pavement has not been possible to pass cars. So if you come in there with a car, then you have to park it on the side of the road towards the entrance to the beach. After that you have to ride motorcycles with a travel time of approximately 15 minutes.
 Tips on Trips to Nglambor beach.

Bring flip-flops (flops) because you'll pass the sharp coral and rocks to reach the shore. So if you bring a car, you should immediately replace the sandals when going to the beach with a motorcycle taxi.

Hats and sunglasses are also necessary to protect exposed skin from the scorching summer sun, especially if you bring a friend or relative who will not do snorkel or swim.
Bring a change of clothes because there's no place rental beluma swimsuit.
Be careful when snorkeling, because sometimes the waves come up with tight so if not careful, you may scratch the rocks.

If you want to go there you should first contact someone has snorkeling equipment rental business in @pantainglambor Twitter account to ask snorkel conditions and booking tool.
The most appropriate time for snorkeling is morning or evening because during the day it is often unclear because the bias exposed to sunlight.

Such information about the beach Nglambor Gunung Kidul commonly used to spot snorkel in Yogyakarta. Read also Samas Beach in our blog.

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