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Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple is one of the Heritage World 

Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple is the highest and most beautiful temples in the world. In contrast to the Borobudur temple. Borobudur temple is the largest temple in the world. Prambanan is derived from the word Brahman and Brahman meaning the Supreme. built in the 9th century BC, by Rakai Pikatan of Sanjaya dynasty. This temple is dedicated to three main gods of Hinduism, the god Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the God of Destruction.

Size Prambanan - + 80 hectares. Prambanan Temple is divided into two pages, the first consisting of 224 pages in ancillary temples are temple guards who had a 14-meter high, but currently only two are building still intact and standing strong. Why only two? Because the stones that have been destroyed in antiquity taken by local residents to make the foundation of the house.

The second page consists of 16 temples, 3 large main temple or Trimurti namely Shiva temple which has a 47 meter high, Vishnu and Brahma on the north side of the south which each temple has a height of 33 meters. 3 temples rides that are right in front of the main temple.

Nandi Temple in which there are cow statue is the vehicle of Shiva and behind the left and right there is a statue of Chandra the moon god standing on a chariot drawn 10 horses symbolize months a year in the era BC and Surya the sun god standing on a chariot drawn seven horses symbolize the day in a week .

Candi Garuda is the vehicle of Vishnu, which is located in the north of the temple Nandi, the statue is currently empty.
Temple swan is the vehicle of Brahma. The current statue is also empty.

2 Apit temple has a height of 14 meters, located between Trimurti temple and a vehicle that serves to guard.
4 Kelir temple that has a high 2 meters located at every entrance that serves for the direction of the wind.
4 temples peg which has a height of 2 meters which is located in every corner of the temple, which serves to put offerings.

Shiva temple is a temple diagung-greatness because Shiva is the God of Destruction. Currently being restored Shiva temple, Shiva temple is divided into 4 rooms.

The first room is Shiva Mahadeva who has four arms and three eyes, each hand holding objects such as beads, fly repellent pony tail, and trident. Shiva statue stands on a lotus.

The second room was his wife that Durga Mahesasuramadini or often called Roro Jonggrang, which has eight arms, Durga also known as a repellent Mahisasura which he held in hand down the left and he stood above the bull reinkarnation of Asura.

Third room is Ganesha, son of Shiva has elephant head and human body potbellied and a long nose.

The last room is the Grand Master Shiva. This statue meliliki posture rather plump and bearded with a right hand holding a rosary sdan left hand holding a jug. Behind him, on the left there is a fly repellent and on the right there is a trident.

Brahma temple has only one room. Brahma has four hands and four heads, in one hand holding a jug of Brahma containing Pure Water. Brahma also standing on lotus flowers. On the edge of the Brahma temple there is a relief Ramayana tells the story of Rama and Shinta followed in Shiva temple.

Another interesting relief is Kalpataru tree in Hindu religion is considered as the tree of life, sustainability and environmental compatibility. Relief of Kalpataru tree is described as flanking lions and under the tree was a pair of twin birds that tell the life while in the womb.

Vishnu also only has one room, Vishnu has four arms. Rear right hand holding the weapon Vishnu Chakra while the left hand holds the oyster. Front right hand holds the mace and the left hand holds a lotus flower. and standing on a lotus flower. On the edge of this temple are reliefs that tell about Krisnayana. Krisnayana is the story of Krishna's life since he was born until he succeeded to the throne Kingdom of Dwaraka. The other article is Borobudur Temple.

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